• Lean and Iterative Approach to Software Development

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  • General Systems Uses a Lean Development Approach


    We work with you to get your idea onto paper. Our designers will identify the key components of your system, render those components in mock-ups, iterate over the design, document business logic, and prioritize features.

    MVP / Prototype

    Working from the mock-ups we implement a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or Prototype encompassing the most critical aspects of your system. We leverage the latest cloud-native tools to eliminate "redundant heavy-lifting" and other unnecessary costs associated with traditional architectures.

    Market Fit

    Once the MVP is live we work with you to gather data and user feedback to further inform our ongoing development efforts. By releasing code every two weeks we can learn quickly and adjust to the knowledge we gain. Using serverless technologies ensures that the system will scale to meet demand without any additional engineering required.


    More than just support, we stick with you to continue to improve and enhance your system over time.

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