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  • Web Applications


    General Systems Corporation leverages the latest cloud technologies to build complex, dynamic web applications. We work with our client's concepts to bring their systems into reality. Leveraging serverless frameworks eliminates considerable cost and effort compared to previous generations of server-based frameworks.


    Serverless Technologies

    Lambda, S3, Cognito, DynamoDB, Aurora DB, Typescript, Angular, React

    Mobile Applications


    Using the latest mobile application frameworks we are able to rapidly build systems that can be deployed to both Apple IOS and Android devices without duplicate effort. If an additional web application is also required, all three systems can use the same code meaning that 95% of the code written for the website can be reused in a mobile application.



    Ionic, React Native, Swift, Java, Flutter

    Maintenance and Modernization


    General Systems Corporation can support your existing systems and assist in modernizing systems to reduce costs. Old technologies can be a burden on an organization's development efforts, slowing progress and killing innovation. We can shepherd these systems through proven modernization techniques into a modern, low-cost, low-maintenance platform.



    Schema Conversion Tool, Database Migration Tool

    AWS Connect Contact Center As A Service (CCAAS)


    We can help you determine is AWS Connect is the right solution for your Call Center. Give us a call to discuss what AWS Connect can do and get a free AWS Connect cost assessment. If you decide to move forward we have the expertise you need to not just configure AWS Connect, but integrate it with your other solutions, and drive down cost.



    Amazon Web Services Connect, Amazon Web Services Cases, AWS Poly, AWS Lex, AWS Transcribe, AWS Comprehend

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