• 50 Years of NonProfit IT Management

      General Systems Corporation has been providing IT services to nonprofit organizations for over 50 years.

      Our technical and account management staff are steeped in the language and culture of nonprofits and are committed to the highest level of customer service. GSC works closely with our clients to provide value every day. Few mature high-tech companies have managed to preserve the personal touch as effectively as General Systems.

    • Stop Living with Ancient IT

      IT Modernization

      Cloud Migrations and System Upgrades

      We'll work with your legacy system, bringing it up to date and continually improving to meet your needs. Migrate to modern cloud hosting:

      • Improve the rate of change of your IT systems to deliver value more quickly.
      • Leverage modern application tools and integration techniques.
      • Improve reporting and business intelligence.
      • Decrease cost and increase up-time.
      • Improve security.
      • Increase revenue.

      Continuous System Improvement

      Keep your systems up to date

      GSC manages and maintains your new and existing web sites and mobile applications.

      • Continually A/B test your member / donor interactions to maximize action and revenue.  
      • Maintain your systems to ensure active engagement and state of the art security.
      • Continuously increase performance and revenue.
    • Web and Mobile Application Development

      Web Site Development

      With a focus on non-profit websites and web based applications, GSC helps nonprofits communicate with their members and donors while maximizing online giving and engagement.

      Mobile Application Development

      We'll Implement mobile applications for iPhone and Android to provide direct communications with members and donors enabling real-time, two way interaction.

    • WinFunds Member/Donor CRM

      A Member / Donor CRM Solution Customized for Your Needs

      GSC's WinFunds Member / Donor CRM system is fully customized for each client meeting the unique needs of your organization.

      • Membership
      • Fundraising
      • Pledging: Sustainer/Capital Campaigns
      • Major Donor Tracking/Development
      • eCommerce Fundraising
      • Dues & Subscriptions
    • Google Ads Grant Management

      Through our DonorWords Service, GSC assist 501(c)(3) organizations to apply for and maximize the $10,000 monthly Google ad grant. If your organization is not currently maximizing the benefits of this monthly grant, then please contact our DonorWords team today to get started.

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