General Systems begins with the base WinFunds model and customizes each application to the client's own specifications. This allows a highly tailored finished system that is both cost-effective and delivered on-time. With unprecedented security and fully integrated to eCommerce fundraising.


Core WinFunds Components

  • Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Pledging: Sustainer/Capital Campaigns
  • Major Donor Tracking/Development
  • eCommerce Fundraising
  • Dues & Subscriptions

Key Advantages

  • Full Customization
  • Web Accessible Anywhere in the World
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Report Generation: System-generated or User-defined via InfoMaker, Crystal Decision, or MS Access
  • Effortless Uploads/Downloads to/from 3rd Parties
  • User-Defined Security Levels: Full Access to Read-Only
  • Fully Auditable: Tracks All Touches to System
  • Tracks All Outbound and Inbound Communications per Constituent (Direct Mail to eMail)
  • Detailed Campaign Management (Source Key Analysis)

Key Features

  • Automatic De-Duplication of Records
  • Unlimited Constituent Addresses/Seasonal Addresses on Auto-Flip
  • Multiple Salutation Fields
  • Unlimited Contact Media Fields: home, business, cell, fax
  • Linked Records: Memorial, Gift Membership; Family-Business Relationship
  • Limitless Memorandum Fields/User-Controlled Links
  • Optional Client-Controlled Merging of Records
  • Unlimited Donation Fields
  • MRC/HPC/Original Gift Calculated for Current, Prior Year1, Prior 2 per Constituent
  • Task Management/Reminders /Outlook & PDA Synchronization
  • Link Word, Excel, AVI Documents and Scanned or Digital Images to Related Records
  • Automated eMail Thank-yous for On-line Gifts
  • Direct Transfer of Funds to Client's Own Bank Account
  • Auto-Link by Donor to WealthEngine© Profile (Optional)