General Systems has a story to tell.

We began in 1969 developing highly customized databases for the likes of the US Army (LOGMARS), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Peace Corps (ACTION), NASA, National Air and Space Museum, U S Postal Service, The National Labor Relations Board, Dun and Bradstreet, MCI, the American Bible Society, and the US Catholic Conference. Few of our competitors have cut their teeth on such prestigious (and demanding) accounts.

By the mid-eighties our business had grown almost exclusively to the nonprofit community. General Systems' model system, WinFunds (version 1.0) was developed in 1978 and was an immediate success; our nonprofit business eclipsed our government, commercial, financial, federal and multinational corporate business in less than ten years! 

While continuing to develop software for over 250 clients, configuring and installing over 500 computer systems, managing a data center for over 60 clients, and orchestrating the transfer of 8 multi-mainframe systems, General Systems expanded the non-profit business and pioneered the development of relational database systems (WinFunds version 3.0) in 1986. 

Our experience in building mission-critical applications for multinational corporations and government agencies underscores the imaginative and forward-thinking approach brought to bear on the continuing evolution of WinFunds systems. 

Further, General Systems was among the first to successfully develop integrated eCommerce capabilities (premiered 2001). We continue to enjoy our secure place among the advance guard in on-line fundraising and have initiated no fewer than 100 improvements in the past twelve months. 

Moreover, the tenure of our technical and account management staff is more than 15 years. All are steeped in the language and culture of nonprofits and are committed to the highest level of customer service. Founders Jim Kavanagh and Sharon Kavanagh continue to conduct the weekly status meetings. Few mature high-tech companies have managed to preserve the personal touch as effectively as General Systems. 

Our clients also have a story to tell. They rank among the most visible and successful non-profits in the nation and are as diverse as the systems General Systems has built for them. 

Today General Systems continues to play a leading role in advancing American philanthropy. In the most challenging times we have yet encountered, we believe General Systems can be a cost effective partner and champion for the fundraiser who wants to exceed... not merely meet. their fundraising goals.